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Quality Policy 

First Commitment to Quality always.

To Satisfy customer requirement by supplying products those are fit for their intended purpose.To achieve this, products are developed and manufactured to comply with quality related regulatory specifications as pre global standards.

Q- We believe that "Quality" is the responsibility of all employees; the quality of our products and consequently the future of our employees, in all departments and at all levels."

U - Best Utilization of resources is key to comply with the global standards.

A - Application of effective QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, adopting current Good manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and regulatory requirements with continual improvement.

L - The increasing Legislation regarding fitness for purpose and performance of products.

I - Inclination to maintain quality of Products through the production cycle from purchasing of raw marerials, maintaining, manufacturing, testing, distribution and marketing.

T - EMPLOYEES are the pillars of our organizatin. Updates on new information, awareness and Structural Training programmes for all employees on hygiene, housekeeping, food safety, quality and regulatory systems.

Y- Yes for HSE. Prime respisibility to protect our ENVIRONMENT, maintain HEALTH of employees and assure SAFETY in each step we take.

Positive attitude, Teamwork and hardwork are the key attirbutes to attain success and achieve the GOAL.

Sterling Biotech Limited