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Quality Control Laboratory 

The Quality Control (QC) laboratory at Sterling Biotech Ltd. is well equipped to perform the analysis as per requirements with well defined documentation systems.
The raw material intended for use in the processes are thoroughly tested before being used.
Stringent quality control procedures are followed to ensure quality at each and every step of the process.

The final products are tested and released for use with defined specifications.
The laboratory is well equipped with top of the line instruments such as

Waters Alliance HPLC and UV detector
Agilent HPLC with UV detector
Perkin-Elmer Dual Detector Clarus 600 GC
Thermo Finnigan Head Space GC
Shimadzu HPLC with autosampler and UV detector,
Dionex HPLC with autosampler and PDA detector
FT-IR , Shimadzu 8400S
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Shimadzu
Perkin-Elmer 341 digital polarimeter
Mettler-Toledo instruments like KF titrator, auto titrator, Micro Balance, Conductivity meter and San system Skalar instrument.